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Code of conduct & Business ethics policy


You are about to get introduced to Code of Conduct and business ethics policy (the “Code”). This text provides the framework for all of our professional practices.
The purpose of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) is to provide guidance to all of our employees and partners on the conduct of our business according to the highest ethical standards. By adhering to the Code, we uphold our Values and Attributes. brand and reputation is best known for its trustworthiness — an attribute that we intend to uphold in all that we do. has grown and prospered with a culture of honesty, integrity and accountability and we believe that this culture remains a strong competitive advantage for us. The Code contributes to our future success by helping to maintain this culture. This Code also helps in the effective promotion and protection of our Brand and our various stakeholders. It helps to focus everyone on areas of ethical risk, provides guidance in recognizing and dealing with ethical issues and provides mechanisms to report unethical conduct without fear of retribution. Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that acts responsibly throughout its activities, relies on a body of guiding principles governing the conduct of business, which are based on the ethical requirements and expectations of its employees, its customers and its business partners. business dealings are founded on trust, loyalty, and integrity. These values have defined the approach to its business down through the generations and the years of experience of its members and personnel.
This Code of Conduct sets out the guiding principles governing the actions and behavior of

Our Guiding Principles

Professionalism, team spirit and innovation

Our guiding principles are based on the Core Values: professionalism, team spirit, innovation. These values, which convey notions of rigor, cohesion, and dynamism, define our identity and inspire our corporate culture as well as our individual actions.

Ethical approach seeks to create value for its shareholders, its customers and its employees, with a rigorous ethical approach founded on strict rules of corporate behavior.
Our ethical approach compels us to respect the interests of all our partners and the operating rules of all markets, as well as to ensure that our practices are transparent, in a spirit of fair competition.

Respect of laws and regulations

Wherever they operate, and its employees are expected to comply with the relevant laws and regulations as well as with the relevant international conventions and commitments that are in force or to which the company has adhered. employees are expected to safeguard the assets of and to refrain from misusing for personal purposes any property or services that are made available to them. The internal rules of define the maximum value of gifts that can be accepted from a customer or a partner.
Any act of bribery is prohibited. Any gift offered to clients or to their representatives must remain within stated limits and must comply with common practice or with the rules set by The same applies to gifts to people who hold positions of public authority or work as civil servants or equivalent.

Transparency and sincerity of information which operates in a highly-standard business environment, is committed to always co-operating with all governmental and regulatory authorities in charge of monitoring its operations. Also, is committed to ensuring compliance with all rules concerning the disclosure and accuracy of information that is of use to the financial community, to the company’s shareholders and to the members of the public.

Strict Confidentiality

Everyone is expected to act as a custodian of, and be responsible for, the confidential information that he or she receives; the information in question must only be used and disclosed internally to the extent required for the task at hand; the information must not be disclosed outside the company except where this is required by the law or at the requested of a court of our regulators.

Respect of the individual and of the environment

Respect of the fundamental human and social rights develops its business in a spirit of respect for fundamental human and workers’ rights and respect for the environment wherever it operates. is committed to ensuring that the rules governing free association and working conditions are respected and prohibits forced labor and child labor, in accordance with the Conventions of the International Labor Organization, even if such practices are authorized in the local jurisdiction.

Integrity and fairness

In addition to reflecting all laws and regulations, employees are expected to demonstrate integrity, both inside and outside the company, whenever they act as its representatives. They are expected to respect the commitments made by in their relations with its customers, partners, and suppliers. They are expected to behave fairly towards them and to take decisions based on objective criteria.

Respect of privacy respects and values people’s privacy. They will only request and use information that is needed to serve the interests of customers and business partners, to enhance the quality of services, to manage the human resources or to comply with legal obligations.

Political neutrality maintains political neutrality and refrains from backing any political organizations or activity with gifts or subsidies, even if such action is authorized in the local jurisdiction. It respects the commitments of those of its employees who, as citizens, wish to play an active part in public affairs; however, employees are expected not to involve the company or any of its subsidiaries in their public activities or responsibilities.

Respect of the environment seeks to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment, to use natural resources and energy as sparingly as possible and to take into consideration environmental factors in its financing decisions. and its markets

Long-lasting relationships with customers does not take part in activities that may infringe any laws and regulations, its own ethical standards or its international commitments. establishes and maintains stable and long-lasting relationships with its clients based on expertise, trust and respect of their legitimate interests.

Prevention of conflicts of interests prevents conflicts of interest between its various business activities and between its clients by maintaining distinct structures and by following rigorous procedures. refrains from taking any assignments that are likely to give rise to a conflict of interest vis-à-vis its customers unless they have agreed to it. The employees are expected to abstain from forming personal relationships with customers, business partners and suppliers that would interfere with their professional duties.

Fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, plays an active part in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. To that end, has developed rules. employees are expected to be constantly vigilant and to respect the procedures concerning the identification and knowledge of clients and instructing parties, as well as those concerning the verification of transactions.

Respect of the Code of Conduct is expected to ensure that this Code of Conduct is implemented and that employees shall behave according to the Code whatever their level or responsibilities.
Respect of the Code of Conduct is ensured by the implementation of the laws, professional or internal regulations and ethical codes in force within